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5 Amazing Australian homes!

Rohan Mummery

Posted on January 05 2018

Here are some pretty amazing Australian homes that deserve a mention on the blog!

Number 1 - North Bondi House

Designed by Scale Architects

Photo by Brett Boardman


Number 2 - Life of Maars House

Designed by Mark Aronson Architecture

Photo by Douglas Mark Black


Number 3 - Hideaway House

Designed by Hayley & James Pannekoecke

Photo by Nikole Ramsay


Number 4 - Inner Adelaide House

Designed by Sans-Arc Studio


Number 5 - Two Halves House

Designed by Moloney Architects

Photo by Christine Francis


Keep an eye on the blog for more of the latest design trends! Australian architecture is something that we are extremely passionate about and love to share!

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