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Introducing Cultiver Linen

Rohan Mummery

Posted on August 19 2019

We've added the most beautifully scrumptious European flax linen to the line up from Cultiver Goods!
Australian designed.. Sourced from Belgium and France..
Cultiver's Bluestone European Flax Linen is the newest member of the tribe. All Cultiver linen in carefully woven and stonewashed to give your bed an inviting soft look and feel whilst ensuring top notch durability and longevity. This palette represents the cooler blue tones and pares beautifully with the white and pencil stripe sets. 
Cedar European Flax linen is a staff favorite here at The White Room! Beautifully rich earthy tones that add warmth and texture to your bed. Pares beautifully with a matching set of sheets or the Pinstripe set to contrast and compliment.
Pencil Stripe European Flax linen is the classic set that everyone can style to perfection! It pares with pretty much everything but we like to add contrast by adding in some Navy! 

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