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Oon ("wool" in Nepali) is an Australian label that combines fashion forwardness with the work of artisans that’s been honed over years. Handcrafted from finest cashmere and other naturally luxe raw materials (merino, linen, NZ wool) Oon brings fine and distinctive cashmere products and felt home wares.

Oon is also an environment conscious ethical brand. We are committed to fair prices so that artisans can afford a good living wage, ensure the craft survives and thus contribute to the social and economic wellbeing of the community. Made of mostly women artisans, a good wage means a safer working environment and not only good living conditions but also basic education for children. Oon works with natural, environment friendly and renewable materials only. The manufacturing process is low tech, utilising traditional handlooms, natural sunlight and environment friendly dyes. Oon is fun, positively colourful; It is where luxury meets everyday comfort. Each Oon item is hand made to last.

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