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Our Story

Our Philosophy.

We believe that the colour white is like a blank canvas. While it isn't a stimulating colour, it allows the mind to be creative. From a clean slate the possibilities are endless.

The White Room was founded in 2015 by two interior enthusiasts Rohan and Alex. The dream started out small.. "Lets grab a mini bus and take people to our favourite stores" said Alex. So we did! We hand picked our favourite home decor stores, started an instagram, got a business licence and began what would be a most epic adventure! We began with a geographical approach, making a south side tour and a north side tour. Over the coming 18 months we ran several shopping extravaganza experiences! That were equally as fun for us as they were for the clients! We made some amazing new friends and met the makers behind the wonderful brands that we both love!

In 2017 we parted ways (only geographically) and I came to New York! With a wealth of knowledge of Australian design I decided to share it with the people of the USA! It was then that an online store was born.. Curated with all of the best Australian artists and textile designers! This store is a White Room Interiors tour in virtual mode.

Thanks for listening..

Rohan xx

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